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Jewelry Design

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

There is too much temptation that women could not resist!
Something like dessert, shoes, personal ornaments etc.
Today we’ll talk about personal ornaments, something about  rings.
From this viewpoint, we also can see the different between male and female.
When a man think about a ring, most of them will associate it with the film The Lord of The Rings.
but most of the women may think about wedding-ring!
On the basis of we VAW LOG are all talk about design,
we aren’t major in motion picture, so we don’t talk about The Lord of The Rings here,
and we are not get marriage yet, so we don’t talk about the karat of wedding-ring either!
we’ll recommend a book to you “Jewelry Design“:

This is publish in 2008 August by Daab,
in order to understand contemporary jewelry design,
we need to view of any design field: as material studies, as social commentaries, and as connections to the past.

and jewelry are not easy to come off  the status all the time,
always let us fascinated and let us scorn!
in this book also talk about the deep part of society comment.

If you are interesting in jewelry design,
you can buy this book on amazone
it’s more cheaper!

You cannot imagine! Paperclip Hanger

Thursday, August 28th, 2008


sometimes you see a new design to be a surprise,
and your mind pop to a chat window:
ooh! Such a simple design to I cannot thought.
That’s right! It’s always a simple combination.
Sometimes you never thought it in a bit,
but when it appear, always regret it was not my idea.

Paperclip + Hanger

Like this can tell my Mom,
I have a good reason that not use the clip drying my clothes.

Designer: Jaehyung Hong

YaZhouZhouKan Weekly reported VAW LOG

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

User letter:
Some Internet users saw YaZhouZhouKan Weekly
the business magazine in Hong Kong (2007-10-28).
VAW LOG is the article of this magazine in Hong Kong.
the YaZhouZhouKan Weekly is the sub-company of the MingPaonews Group,
that equal to the 《Business Weekly》in Taiwan.

the article in part as follows:

“Stinky bean” and “VAW LOG” a group of creative lunatic positions
Stinky bean (, is intended to “to share the same rotten tastes” This is an advocate of fresh life and interesting creative non-profit group blog. They claimed “creative madman,” we should explore here indefinitely, share creative life. Similar to, similar to Taiwan’s Chinese blog, there are “VAW LOG” ( Blog by the two groups to explore things, including the absolute wonder of home design, the forefront of environmental protection concepts, challenges the imagination of all the visual arts, such as fresh topic, the core competitiveness of the only two words: creativity. For example, no mark of 10 minutes and have the lights in arms, led by the home, the moon……

Because VAW LOG editors like《Business Weekly》very much,
equal to《YaZhouZhouKan》,
have a wealth of attractions for us.
If you know how to buy it in Taiwan,
Or you can scan the article to VAW LOG,
Please contact us, thank you.


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