Jason Mecier make chop suey Mosaics to be Famous

They images, which can been seen below, are due to go on display at the Ghettogloss gallery in Los Angeles on March 17.
The Celebrity Junk Drawer show will then transfer to the Given in San Francisco, where it runs from April 2 to May 31.

Jason Mecier use of goods mosaic, create, or the Lady Gaga star or Michael Jackson and other celebrities like, you can see these images did not use the brush or goods color, simply use the original color of the heap of goods made to fight, Lady Gaga Lady Gaga in the works. You can see full of feminine and volatile commodity: sunglasses, pearl necklace, painted nails, stones and other commodities; in Michael Jackson’s works, the goods can be seen ironically built on pills, presented in another way when Michael died stomach full of pills to maintain representation of the tragedy.

There are other American celebritiesAmerican President Obama , movie star Nicolas Cage.

Works as the celebrity master of PopAndy Warhol , works use the famous Banana Album ArtworkCampbell Soup can cover other popular elements of the commodity in the civilian population presents;Comeback from bankruptcyDonald Trump use USD and the mobile phone ,shoes to be the background, can understand Jason Meciercareful in their work and observation.

More Portrait works see the Jason Mecier’s website

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