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Apology to the false article, Dah-Yu Shui Putting on Other People’s Clothing as His Own

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

This apology came from, the author of the article, Dah-Yu Shi Putting on Other People’s Clothing as His Own. Chen’s friend Chong-Yu Haung once complained to the author about the work and not getting paid well while doing the animation-designing project for Za-Long. That was why Chen wrote the false article out of sympathy and strong sense of justice for the companionship. Right after Mr. Shi and Haung read the article, they soon made an announcement asking for apology in terms of the false accusation. Meanwhile, on VAWLOG, they restated the proclamation and also verified the authorship related to the artwork. In the statement, Mr. Shi pointed out that the animated character Za-Long was designed by him and he himself also instructed the formation of the story plot, characters, complications, backdrop, sound-effect, and graphic design. Shi made it clear that all people participated in the production were all reasonably rewarded and listed. Hence, the fact that Mr. Chen wrote the article without verified proof has done severe damages to Mr. Shi’s reputation and DragonFly Gallery. During the incident, Chen has being advised and learned more about property rights that he found himself quite unfamiliar with. Hence, Chen would like to make an apology for what his frivolous charges had put Mr. Shi and his company DragonFly Gallery through and sincerely beg for pardon from Mr. Shi.

Lastly, Chen urged that any websites favorite linked with VAWLOG should stop spreading any false information about Za-Long Animation in case of more future impairments on Mr. Shi and DragonFly Gallery.

VAW LOG writer

“Nivea Couch” Heal your Cellulite

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

During Miami Fashion Week,
Nivea was in South Beach once again to promote its Good-Bye Cellulite product.
To celebrate swimwear designer Shay Todd’s new collection,
Nivea fashioned exclusive Good-Bye Cellulite sofas for the event.
You could call it a product demonstration carried out when our target
thinks about cellulite the most.
Never one to take a backseat even to bikini models,
the Nivea sofas were bona fide conversation pieces during the soiree.

VAW LOG very like the advertisement,
it so creative and the meaning behind what is said.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York
Found at: DirectDaily