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Jonas & Francois visual provocation

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Jonas and François, Paris, France.
Jonas and François They are still in their early twenties, when
The Beaux Arts in Poitiers meet, where they found the visual arts,
And will soon begin to work together, and
Of course, they are the most important aspects of the case is a music video.

VAW LOG is the most loving this film,
Of course, technology can not be called severe,
However, such a combination can be associated with the creative use of
The T-shirt with a dynamic pattern pedestrians,
And an interactive on This is the most Cock’s.

Especially when the first Justice DANCE.


by edbangerrecords

Look at them more creative, see myspace

Dragon stop motion software, stop motion animation shot gun.

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

There photographed stop-motion animation of people know that
A Zhang film stop motion animation of the problem is that the screen or the camera Pao Wei,
Especially in the digital camera screen inside a Zhang film,
Camera’s shutter has been by,
According to the role of partial lost the camera do not know.

And if the right roles with some zoom out, track of the lens,
Even more trouble
But now as long as the use of dragon stop motion (Stop-Long?)
Believe we can reduce this problem,
Because you do not have to worry about is your camera out in accordance to the distortion problem

Be so sure that is because – you are operating the camera from the computer!

Dragon Stop Motion Long Stop-support your camera,
As long as the use of computers connected to the software, whether you are a mac or pc,
Use of this stop-motion animation skill set of the software on the double
Even the use of the storyboard can be,
Actually even more powerful.

We have always believed
Technology extends the creativity, creative spark.
This refreshing complement each other have a good work,
so a stop-motion animation students hastened to try this set of bar.
ps. now supports Canon 7D and Nikon D300S

Apology to the false article, Dah-Yu Shui Putting on Other People’s Clothing as His Own

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

This apology came from, the author of the article, Dah-Yu Shi Putting on Other People’s Clothing as His Own. Chen’s friend Chong-Yu Haung once complained to the author about the work and not getting paid well while doing the animation-designing project for Za-Long. That was why Chen wrote the false article out of sympathy and strong sense of justice for the companionship. Right after Mr. Shi and Haung read the article, they soon made an announcement asking for apology in terms of the false accusation. Meanwhile, on VAWLOG, they restated the proclamation and also verified the authorship related to the artwork. In the statement, Mr. Shi pointed out that the animated character Za-Long was designed by him and he himself also instructed the formation of the story plot, characters, complications, backdrop, sound-effect, and graphic design. Shi made it clear that all people participated in the production were all reasonably rewarded and listed. Hence, the fact that Mr. Chen wrote the article without verified proof has done severe damages to Mr. Shi’s reputation and DragonFly Gallery. During the incident, Chen has being advised and learned more about property rights that he found himself quite unfamiliar with. Hence, Chen would like to make an apology for what his frivolous charges had put Mr. Shi and his company DragonFly Gallery through and sincerely beg for pardon from Mr. Shi.

Lastly, Chen urged that any websites favorite linked with VAWLOG should stop spreading any false information about Za-Long Animation in case of more future impairments on Mr. Shi and DragonFly Gallery.

VAW LOG writer