CutePDF – it’s a good tool for printing PDF file in Windows.

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

If the person believed to be used mac make document printing into a PDF, then
Is simply easy,
Mouse head you can click on the PDF.
With the windows on the OFFICE of the transfer PDF can also be,
But if it is not Office, can be simple,
If you do not have big money to buy Acrobat This is a PDF monster
Then how to do this?
Is very simple Create PDF provides you a simple way of printing, such as PDF,
Directly after installed, such as MAC-like,
Able to want to print a document directly to PDF,
Is free,
Goodies such as where does it go!
CutePDF Writer
Create PDF
Free Download (3.36MB)
Support windows7 now!

Google Mobile search on the iPhone support Chinese right now!

Friday, December 11th, 2009

iPhone on the Google Mobile App in the former days, updated, and
And finally to support the Chinese, and
Now if you can use to install AppStore,
And you can find names of cell phone inside Oh,
But the program is Simplified mainly
If it is different from the Traditional and Simplified then there is nothing shown.

Actual use of them is not very accurate
Do not know whether the word “Beijing cavity” relationship,
VAW LOG talk like, “Ta-an Forest Park”
But become a “Dark Forest Park” =.=

However, a trial is worth a look
Links as follows
Otherwise, the AppStore search Google to see if you can.