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Greener landmark for Taiwanese Tower in Taichung

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Heard the 101, who would think of Taipei, Taichung will not fall this time, the current is planning a “tower in Taiwan,” the landmark building, its physical construction of up to 390 meters, the appearance is both avant-garde and romantic look on the map We can preview. The similar Avatar Eco tree tree design, by the Romanian architect Stefan Dorin design. Taiwan tower, once completed, the next will be the tallest landmark in Taichung, both environmental, cultural, artistic, romantic, science and technology in one.

The “Taiwan Tower” by Romanian firm Dorin Stefan Birou Arhitectura

The next landmark of Taiwan, Taichung Tower, the design concept spindle “floating Outlook”, a landmark and elegance. By then, the physical building of Taiwan into the base of the tower 4 hectares, 390 meters high, and similar to the tree as the benchmark, there will be a total of 12 air sac around the tower with the main float up and down like 12 leaves floating on the wind, each People are also taking a leaf sightseeing tower on the pipeline, each deck can accommodate 50-80 people, such as the general leaves the island also has a slow-moving rhythms, amazing. In addition, the tower will contain a museum in Taiwan, information centers, offices, conference centers, restaurants and parks and other functions. Tower is also in place a vertical axis wind turbine hope to use geothermal heat pumps to generate electricity, but also easy to adjust the indoor temperature, and help to reduce the energy required, and the skin covering the solar panels also use fiber optic cable to bring natural light into the hall inside.

The designer said, take the elevator up to the top after sightseeing, sightseeing in the way to the large deck overlooking the Taichung will be able to picture, and even overlooking the Taiwan Strait, leaves floating tower is to become an urban sea. The jury praised at that time: the world more than 1,200 tower blocks, very difficult to get a “floating Outlook” The avant-garde design. Indeed, the tower is full of the spirit of Taiwan Taiwan, Taichung Deputy Mayor of the Republic of China is expected to be a hundred years of Taiwan Tajikistan start (2011), completed in 2015 and said the tower will be Taiwan’s international visitors to Taichung, a very important region to the entrance.

And Dorin design, from the 237 works from 25 countries come to the fore. In addition to winning the opportunity to design the tower in Taiwan, he also won the four million Taiwan dollars (125,000 U.S. dollars) in prize money. First prize will receive 4 million yuan; second is a British architectural firm Cook Robotham access, receive 200 million; third Irma Maria Coello Munoz from Spain to obtain, may be 50 million, another masterpiece of the 5 be 10 million. Jury scholar Craig, Marcos and the Chairman Ann Yu Qian said, the world 1,200-plus tower, hard to have a “floating Outlook” The avant-garde design, very romantic.

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Taiwanese Pixel LEGO architectures in FamiMart Convenient Store

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Family Mart launch Taiwanese Five Pixel LEGO architectures are the in five cities elections in Taiwan,
Each building is like a Lego toy,Quite distinctive,
Guess what the building in Taiwan,
Look at the answers the final line.

Advertising Videos:

All of the activites at Family Mart Taiwan LEGO Travel AD

Igloo created out of fridges in Hamburg

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

A German artist named Ralf Schmerberg has created an igloo out of fridges in a square in Hamburg, Germany, to try and draw attention to energy use and climate change.

To make that point, alongside the construction is a giant electricity meter that displays how much electricity is being used by the 322 old fridges that comprise the structure. Inside, a selection of old electronic devices — kids’ toys, fans, kettles, microwaves, washing machines, toasters, a TV set and other items — whirr and buzz away too.

The sculpture is titled “Wastefulness is the biggest source of Energy” and has been sponsored by energy provider Entega. Of course, having all those fridges on at the same time around the clock eats quite a lot of energy, so let’s hope they’re powered by renewables. Otherwise, it’s a bit of an own goal, really.

On the back of the energy meter is the claim that Germany could save 40 percent of its power use if efficiency improvements were made, and a long list of items that went into the construction of the structure. Those include 13 bars of chocolate, 35 pairs of gloves, 487 sandwiches, 120 beers and 1,718 metres of wire. The structure weighs ten and a half tons, and stands 5.6 metres tall.

Schmerberg’s other projects include a snowman protest in Berlin and music videos for The Fantastic Four and Die Toten Hosen. He’s also directed more than 200 commercials for a number of high-profile companies, some of which are exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Here’s a video of the Fridge Igloo under construction.