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Gravity cannot catch me! Upside down house

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

This is not the Taiwanese 88 water calamity Jinshuai hotels,
Is not a disaster scene,
In short, the world is full of wonders,
Is someone you want to build a different house,
From which foreigners saw and heard in Japan:

Of course, not only in Japan,
VAWLOG in 2007, has written this house
On behalf of the United States had such an interesting house

the colorful Mondrian

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

To long to introduce Architecture design,
During the Olympics games we absorbed too many of the buildings of too great,
so introduce a little building for you,let you easy.
The image is the foam concrete apartment,named Mondrian building.
A new artificial lake in the next,have a good view,and near by a gym and the hospital.

The Apartment name from the color of the cutting-renowned painter Mondrian born in Netherlands.
And the apartment’s decoration are copy on the painting from Mondrian,from inside residential units ranging from 60 to 170 square meters.each dwelling on the east side there will be a separate semi-enclosed balcony,
The highest level of units will be the exclusive Roof Garden.

In Europe, alps north of the country towards the East and West will be used mostly to design residential,
First, because the traditional and the second is due to the high latitudes,Building a majority of the time in a weak sun light,If this perspective does not make good use of time, once after a short summer,
No construction will be in a state of sunlight available.

This is temperate and subtropical Southeast Asia most of the natural conditions are not the same.
The first floor of the space is designed for the public area, and serves the entire floor.

Piet Cornelies Mondrianis a Dutch painter. Early works style between the impression and post-Impressionist between.In 1920s pure geometric form of abstraction creation,In the plane and the vertical line to be crossed out with, a rectangular-shaped or rectangular,And arrangements in which the primary colors red, blue, yellow and grey.
He believes that art is a kind of purification, only with abstract forms,To get the spirit of common human performance.Mondrian has tried Impressionism and Cubism painting style.But eventually he left the filling of these styles, form their own unique style –The new compostion. As the representative of the abstract painter,Mondrian on abstract art has had a profound impact.

Mondrian’s masterpiece《Broadway Boogie Woogie 》

However, we are more familiar with the site《Composition》 series,This entitled《Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red 》Is the expression of the universe. Inside cover of the sun, the horizon, the land, ocean.