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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

When I was little,

every time I passed the classroom which teach about hygiene,

I always stared at the human skeleton,

and can’t take my eyes aways from the picture of the human organs on the wall,

I always confused about the anatomic of human !

Finally, I found a person who is also confused about anatomy like me,

the artist Tom Giesler.

he painted a series of paintings about anatomy

named ” My Anatomy ” :

The Spirit Of Sharing:

Pleasant Surprise:

Wise From Intestinal Currents:

his curiosity abut anatomy is not only human but animal

Tom Giesler’s anatomy classroom is always full of pleasant,

and is so funny,

let me bethink the class of hygiene in my high school time.

Excessory Baggage

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

When we see the film “The Real Blond“,
We learn two things from the film,
one is the girl power,
the other is how to be a peeress!
in that movie, when your right hand grasp Chihuahua,
and the left hand with a Louis Vuitton,
that you are the peeress!

American artist  Meryl Smith alive to the point,
he made Chihuahua  and Louis Vuitton two become one.
named “Excessory Baggage”:

this bag is definitely not made by Louis Vuitton,
it just an artistry by an exhibition.
the subject of the exhibition is about sculpture,
so  Meryl Smith made a carry-on luggage.

the chihuahua is realistic,
but that me in shock!