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Table Connect for iPhone,Big Big iPhone

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Such as a desk as big as the iPhone touch screen can be done?
In addition to fun, to play air hockey ,
and other games outside? Mainly with re-invention of the actual goods,
found a creative, just like the iPad was said to be magnified out of iPod Touch,
like, yes that is a simple zoom, you can change the future,
it may be the next bar counter social tables,
or formal office conference table inside information,
and even warships or strategic command console,
but no matter how or whether to push application and much, admittedly …
it all starts here,simple creativity.

Necessarily become furniture trends in recent years.

The Hidden Radio – simple case with sensibility

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

The simple and beautiful idea,
this is a radio.
The product designed byJohn Van Den Nieuwenhuizen,
obviously that is a hidden radio,
It generally similar to the lift,
or rotate the tuner to adjust the frequency.

Increase the volume is very simple, pushing up the lid.
Speaker exposed more, it loudly.
Visual feedback is so powerful:
Open = loud, closed = mute.

There is a jar of rotating ceiling,
This will allow users to facilitate the adjustment of raido.
It does not show that the radio frequency, but above the LED light-emitting diode,
the LED Light flashing means caught up the radio channel.

VAW LOG very like the volume change the design,
and it’s very hidden design.