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SOFA Studio 《Monster Coins》XiMen Walker premiere

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Personally heard two big bosses of the speech,
In contrast to the CG Boss ShiWen-Xiang do the OEM,
Considering the animation film does not own market.
SOFA Studio Shi-Wei Wang, founder of the young lads attitude,
Evade the film market in a television cartoon set its own space,
We VAW LOG thought,
Shi-Wei Wang is full of young atmosphere much better,
The general did not compare the “being a slick Willy”.

We have received an invitation recently:

SOFA Studio embrace the exciting feeling to introduce our latest animated film “Monster Coins”, this is an adventure full of humor and animation, special video will be held on September 10 at 7:00 pm Ximen walker Jue-Se Theater, and at the same time special video from our sister company, International Entertainment Landscape latest issue of the film “My Machine girlfriend .” We sincerely invite you to participate in “Monster Coins” special premiere, a joy ride out an interesting night.

Please on September 3 to attend the reply will facilitate the VIP seats reserved for you, welcome your coming.

Activities site:

Time: September 10, 2008 (Wednesday) 19:00
Location: Taipei Jue-se Theater

VIP site for the establishment of hospitality, welcome the VIP card Screening Room player-thanks to the film, not photography, taking pictures, in order to respect relevant provisions of the Copyright Law.
Kaiyan film 10 minutes before the start admission, according to the scene to guide staff attendance, Kaiyan 10 minutes after the Prohibition of the venue.

SOFA Studio invitation

Simple say that their animated shorts.
To be together with another movie premiere,
If later you have the chance,
May wish to look for to see this film SOFA Studio‘s “Monster Coins”,
The film is the Executive Yuan to help participate in the Information Services Department
2007 2007 ASIA TV FORUM Asia Television Forum in Singapore”
With another film “Splash Nash” (Ban-Men),
Access to the exhibition of “Animation Superpitch” awards
So support your own family’s original animation,
Let Taiwan’s animation in the international community has a sky.

Tiana Walton, Snail Girl in England

Monday, September 1st, 2008

A snail in her face is very cute.
and Two not bad,
3, 4, 5, 6 ….
WOW, so nausea!
Somebody help her to remove this monster,
A total of 25 snails in her face!

The day before yesterday afternoon of August 29,
From the United Kingdom Alvanley,
9-year-old Tiana Walton,
25 snails to climb in her face, and at 10 seconds.

Simple and successfully broke from Australia Liam Keeny,
Created by the snail’s pace to climb the face of 15 Guinness World Records .
Sometimes the England broke a record,
Really like to write a blog, or like eat a apple.