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Jonas & Francois visual provocation

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Jonas and François, Paris, France.
Jonas and François They are still in their early twenties, when
The Beaux Arts in Poitiers meet, where they found the visual arts,
And will soon begin to work together, and
Of course, they are the most important aspects of the case is a music video.

VAW LOG is the most loving this film,
Of course, technology can not be called severe,
However, such a combination can be associated with the creative use of
The T-shirt with a dynamic pattern pedestrians,
And an interactive on This is the most Cock’s.

Especially when the first Justice DANCE.


by edbangerrecords

Look at them more creative, see myspace

mom our “Chinese Blocks Software” on the Engadget!

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

We VAWIDEA have done an interesting program,
IPhone is throwing the above bamboo rope,
In fact, this program is very rudimentary,
Is the random appearance of the Holy Grail, laughing cup like situation.

Inside the article briefly mentions that further information
exhibition because I do not know how to choose a certain Miss NB,

Used to ask God mode, which is our “throw bamboo rope”program.
Let other people use the results of your people really happy,
If only as we insignificant little software.

If you are interested can also click the following icon to the AppStore download.