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stupid rabbit special trick show

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

The 마시마로(MashiMaro)of Korea animation was very famous in 2k years ago.
The character made use of flash animation software created by Mr. 김재인(Kim Jae In),
but the article is not talking about the bad, joker liked rabbit,
it’s not any joked rabbit,
and it is a funny “Kong-Fu” rabbit.

The rabbit really have a nice jump Kong-Fu.

Happy 100th birthday to Animated Film!

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

One hundred years ago today, the first animated film of all time was released to the public. Fantasmagorie was created over the course of four months by Émile Cohl, who became known as “The Father of the Animated Cartoon”. The short is made up of over 700 drawings, each of which was double-exposed, leading to a running time of almost two minutes. The title is a reference to the fantasmograph, a mid-Nineteenth Century magic lantern that was said to project ghostly images that floated across the walls. Cohl created the drawings on white paper and printed it on a negative to give it a chalk board drawing feel.

The medium of animation today celebrates its 100th birthday,marking century since animation pioneer,
Emile Cohl debuted Fantasmagorie. Watch the video of it below.

ps. The first cartoon is “Humorous Phases of Funny Face” produced by J. Stuart Blackton, drawing on the blackboard to the stop-motion method described by figures showing a facial expressions and movements of change, but the official in the cinema animation is Fantasmagorie.