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Table Connect for iPhone,Big Big iPhone

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Such as a desk as big as the iPhone touch screen can be done?
In addition to fun, to play air hockey ,
and other games outside? Mainly with re-invention of the actual goods,
found a creative, just like the iPad was said to be magnified out of iPod Touch,
like, yes that is a simple zoom, you can change the future,
it may be the next bar counter social tables,
or formal office conference table inside information,
and even warships or strategic command console,
but no matter how or whether to push application and much, admittedly …
it all starts here,simple creativity.

Necessarily become furniture trends in recent years.

“I love the United States” bookshelf

Friday, December 18th, 2009

This bookcase designed by British architect Ron Arad. VAW LOG found that books on the shelves and location seemed to echo, it is a very interesting way. It is also London’s Timothy Taylor Gallery Exhibition. If you make a map of Taiwan can be spent. Suppose placed inside the presidential palace, each grid placed on record of how the county mayor’s achievements?

Leave anyone but you and double chair

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

If you browse the magazine next year, furniture trends,
Find that you can see a lot of double furniture,
Especially the “double back to back sofa.”
Such appeals are usually designed to You & Me,
Mainly used in conjunction with the enjoyment of the main
And bring more attention to Roma colors.

The “Tu y Yo” is produced by Gandia Blasco,
Mainly for outdoor use mainly
The color is very bright white with green turf.

Another more futuristic point is that Sushi Daybed by Pie Studio,
Although the modeling flow line,
In fact, all pure hand-woven Oh.

Finally a more natural, and
By Jake Phipps produced easily recycled chairs,
Get Riva 1920 loveseat awards.

Which one do you like?