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Windows Phone release Invitation like EYE.BEE.M

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

like the
Paul Rand
EYE BEE M poster,very interesting.

illusion web 404 page at dropbox

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Web page will often do encounter a 404 error page of the preparation,
Otherwise, often visiting the website should be easily met,
But 404 is mostly nothing new multi-page design,
However, the innovative design has won awards apple2010 dropbox worse, and
Intentional use of an interesting picture – the contradiction between form cross-type graphics.

This picture is from the MC Escher (Ye ) Netherlands print artist,
Psychological characteristics of visual attention and enthusiasm created the first artist first,
He used psychology research, entertainment human space get the wrong impression
Creation of such a reversal of a large number of paintings,
At first glance makes the screen normal, in fact, inside of marvelous.
Escher’s works, whether in art, design world works are required reading,
His works scattered in books and the general design was highly.
In this special effects filled the digital age
Escher content of the work more interesting, and now appears to still be so maverick.

M. C. Escher