Peeping Tom Google’s Instant Previews

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Google Instant PreviewsAs shown above,
Point of view may be larger.

That will help you show a preview of the gods,
Really easy to use for the testing of time.

If you do not have it you can click this URL:

The only advantage is that
You can mark the search string table in which side of the page,
Now the Google policy is to allow people to stay in the Google it?

Muji Style iPad App

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Muji may not used iPad original iCal or note paper, of course, the built-in functions iPad may not be complete, for example, notes the paper drawing and the like.

So Muji lanuch their Apps,
Sync with google calendar, and other functions,
Course features, is relatively thin in the form of a sense of the calendar,

and Muji Notebook,
Simply to draw the line and paint on the image is iPad memo cannot.

Muji to GO is a convenient app for traveler guys,
Many country weathers and plugin format,
And even the currency can be converted.

In addition to Muji Notebook need $3.99 US to buy,
Others are free,
If you need to experience the people who look at the Muji Style,
May wish to use a look
Of course, this cross-border approach
Also illustrates this delicate time as long as there is creative enough,
What are the cross-not surprising,
Jay Chou can do cross-chaired to talk show(Taiwanese Singer and Movie Star)
Muji crossed do iPad App, too.

the simple way to import PDF to the iBooks.

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Both iPad or iPhone could use the method.

First drag and drop the PDF file to the dropbox web or folder,
dropbox is free web sync space.
free sign in the dropbox account click this line

launch dropbox on the iDevice,
When the download finish,
click the right arrow icon to save PDF to iBooks.

Then have a fun reading with the PDF file in iBooks.