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the coffee package like muji style

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Convenience store today to see this can drink,
what makes you think of style, yes, that is,
muji’s style, the place is most like the “muji”classic label which color,

If the style has a patent, then
Perhaps not vulnerable to this life’s small pleasures, right?

Muji 無印良品

mail from reader: IKEDA Akiko

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Pop-up photographs that sway between two dimensional planes and three dimensional objects.

Ikeda Akiko uses snapshots and magazines to create installation work. She cuts out the contours of people and things in the snapshots and magazine pages leaving the points of contact uncut, and pop up in right angle from the surface. She places the pop-up photographs in various places and take pictures of them. She sometimes combines the photographs and scatters them in spaces to create installation works. Photography three dimensional spaces into two dimensional planes. Her manipulation turns the two dimensional pictures into three dimensional objects. She takes pictures of the three dimensional objects to place them into the two dimensional planes. These procedures create a kind of nesting effect of dimensions ,which she calls “Matryoshka doll(Russian nesting doll)effect”. The experience of viewing small people and things in photographs makes the viewer feel like becoming a giant.

2005 「their site/your sight」展 (multiple choice・名古屋)
2005 「They’ve still stuck on your wall 05」 (EN TANGSOGADE 4 UDSTILLING・デンマーク)
2006 「眩暈の装置:松本俊夫をめぐるインターメディアの鉱脈」展 (川崎市市民ミュージアム)

Look the ink like the time pass away.

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Often been described as the years Rusuo,
Time is often gone,
How can one guard against time to become something that people care about,
Before the invention is not measured,
We Chinese use incense timing,
With after Zhang Heng of the armillary sphere.

But now so precise about timing,
How can people deeply feel the passage of time?
I believe the best way of passing away.

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz (Oscar Diaz) has designed a calendar,
Capillary action using the ink spread to the file to display the date.
Special is that it works with intuitive visual representation of the passage of time,
And different from the past a few number of digital is that the presentation of a few numbers,
The date of each day’s been slowly ink staining,
The usual logical form of time measurement that we think,
Converted into a visual approachable.

A very special piece of work,
This work can also be in the Círculo de Bellas Artes Bellas Artes exhibition in a glimpse,