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Windows Phone release Invitation like EYE.BEE.M

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

like the
Paul Rand
EYE BEE M poster,very interesting.

10 of the most successful LOGO designers

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

Logo design is a subtle knowledge, require a high degree of abstraction ability and artistic talent, a good or a poor Logo can create or destroy a brand in the world, there are some Logo designers, who won the reputation by virtue of their works, and their works also so that the brand famous and this article describes is the world’s most successful 10-bit Logo Designer.

Ruth Kedar
Her most famous works are Google (Google) sign, she was born in Brazil, was living in Israel, where he received degree in architecture, then, to read the design master’s degree at Stanford. She was well-known award-winning cardDuolog and Analog designers, since 1994, her design work on display, and Stanford University (Stanford University) appointed artistic design consultant for 15 years.

Herbert l. Lubalin
He is an American graphic designer of excellence for Eros, Avant grade, and Fact 3 journal provides graphic design, and now a newly formed international print design company.

Paul Rand
Known for his design of IBM logo screen in the eye bee M (IBM) posters full use of transliteration to convey the image. Color Apple Apple Computer Icon is also designed by him, he was the U.S. graphic designer, focusing on the company logo design, is the Swiss style of design one of the pioneers, taught design at Yale University, and with the New York Art Hall of Fame in 1972 included .

Walter Landor
Factorial design Fedex (Federal Express) to mark known.Landor was born in Munich, is a well-known brand designer and founder of the Landor Society. He is a packaging and logo design genius, he designed the brand identity, including Del Monte, Malboro, Fujifilm, Tab & Bank of America, also designed numerous airline signs, such as British Airways, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Wally Olins
In brand design, Olins hot. Saffron in his consultancy firm established in 2001, and in 1997, before the long-time wolff olins chairman. He was awarded CBE award in 1999, in the same year by the prince Philip Designers prize nomination.In 2006, he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award Reputation institutes.

Milton Glaser

To design I love New York (I Love New York) flag is known.In 1974, the company founder Milton Glaser, who works the award-Art Directors ‘clubs, Type directors’ club as well as the American Institute of graphic arts awards. 1979, was awarded the honorary member of the Royal Society of arts.In the cooper un ion in New York to teach.
Bob Gill (Baobojier)
He was a bit different, who have Apple Records, Rainbow Theater, Universal Pictures, Queen and High times magazine, as well as the United Nations do the design.Many awards and titles designed for multi-films.

Alan Fletcher (Ai Lunfu Fletcher)
In 1962, he and Colin Forbes and Bob Gill set up the Fletcher / Forbes / Gil design company, their clients include Pirelli, Cunard, Penguin Press, and so on. In 1965, Gill left for the Reuters news agency, Victoria and Albert Museum and the Institute of Directors designed to mark and in the same year by Prince Philip Designers Prize Design Award,1994, the New York Art Directors club included, and in 2000 was awarded the honorary title of London institute.

Chermayeff and Geismar (Chermayeff and Geismar)
This is the one by Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar founded design firm, worked, including Mobil Oil, Standard Chartered Bank, Xerox (Xerox, Taiwan, said Xerox), the United States National Geographic magazine and other corporate design logo, also for the Armani Exchange, Hearst corporations and other companies to do graphic design.

Saul Bass (Saul Bass)
Saul bass multi-talented graphic designer and producer known mainly engaged in the film posters and signs. Logo His most famous work is Avery Internationl signs,Continental Airlines (Continental Airlines) logo, and United Airlines (United Airlines) logo.

The world’s most successful designers may be concerned with the international trend of the times, it almost from the United States.
The VAW LOG think LOGO’s success with business-related,
LOGO designed to be successful or not also depends on the company become successful.
Successful company, designed the logo, also known as junk and then fine;
Unsuccessful companies, no matter how well designed the logo was also abandoned.

In the VAW LOG trademarks of Google when you first met,
I really think that ugly death, but over time the drawing,
Gradually agree that this is a business style,
Also as a designer you approval?