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VAW POST resume publication gradually

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Because of the VAW POSThave some system issues,
And poisoning caused by the loss of information can not be successful read,
Now we have to rewrite programs,
A comprehensive anti loopholes and problems,
Compared to VAW LOG,
For the professional and in-depth analysis of the newsletter.

Readers should be able to see in the next year 2009-reported,
We will publish the VAW POST letters between six months,
The newsletter also the future there will be three languages,
I hope you and we look waiting the moment together.

update the widget of VAW DAY!

Monday, September 1st, 2008

We update the widget of theVAW DAY,
if you have use it at your webpage or blog,
update the widget please.

We use the javascript to write the widget,
it could sovle the frame‘s problem like the google search engine not read it,
and the fixed height of the framecounld show correctly,
hope you still support us,
and support design the life.

Please delete the HTML perviously(ctrl+a -> del),
and copy+paste(ctrl+all -> ctrl+c -> ctrl+v) change the new script below.

So your blog could received the last “Design Competition” and “Exhibition”!