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“Nivea Couch” Heal your Cellulite

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

During Miami Fashion Week,
Nivea was in South Beach once again to promote its Good-Bye Cellulite product.
To celebrate swimwear designer Shay Todd’s new collection,
Nivea fashioned exclusive Good-Bye Cellulite sofas for the event.
You could call it a product demonstration carried out when our target
thinks about cellulite the most.
Never one to take a backseat even to bikini models,
the Nivea sofas were bona fide conversation pieces during the soiree.

VAW LOG very like the advertisement,
it so creative and the meaning behind what is said.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York
Found at: DirectDaily

The Overflow Concept ! Funny !? Numb !?

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Sometimes we can see the concept of design look very much alike, no matter the concept is use on product design or package design.
Even though we may see the concept lots of time in our daily life, but every time when we see it again, we still laughing!
For example, this kind of shopping bag:

Nagi Nodo designed this funny shopping bag for LAFORET shopping mall in Tokyo :

The same concept on the product design can achieve amusing effect, too.
especially the cup design:
Mustache Pint Glass

pick your nose
change your nose every drink time

We ”VAW GOOD” , sell the same concept –pig nose shape cup.
when you drink , your nose will become the pig’s nose.

Are you still feel funny when you see this kind of design? or already be numb !?
no matter how, we still want to promote our shop in the internet ”VAW GOOD”
hello and welcome!