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crazy 5×5 slide puzzle

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

What could 5×5 slide puzzle do?
to design? really?
no lie you, just like x386 personal computer,
pixels could be many recombination up to you.

Brain England design team as well as design present the new puzzle,
special in 5×5 slide puzzle have 25 blocks,
black blocks are 17 picks,
cause white are 8 picks.
so magical proportion 17:8,
create many possibles,
correct to say  “Probability Games”,
use the function to count it

if I am not count failure,
about they are 1 million kinds of methods!

With these features to play,
Design creativity effect better to play puzzle game,
The ability to play pixel of the image, training imagination.
Otherwise, buy the toys for children to be a pretty good idea.

Each character comprises of 17 balck and 8 white sqaures.
The Puzzle can produce many symbols including a swastika.
At what point does this arrangement of squares begin to mean anything?
Download 5×5 Slide Puzzle.

the possibles of English letters

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Although only 26 words between the letters A to Z,
but difference one has another view.

Cannot understood?
Let me say it,
for example,
in the soldier’s eyes ,
the letters could be made by soldier.

But in the photographer’s eyes,
English letters like sky clearly.

and office goods product play the letters like puzzle game,

I like the letters made by some odds,
you even could find some bones by X-ray inside,
thereis more detailed!

the letters often have rules but sometimes have crazy form,
the graphic design by using Typography was not count,
if you have any interesting about Typography design,
can check out the web ” I Love Typography“.