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Jonas & Francois visual provocation

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Jonas and François, Paris, France.
Jonas and François They are still in their early twenties, when
The Beaux Arts in Poitiers meet, where they found the visual arts,
And will soon begin to work together, and
Of course, they are the most important aspects of the case is a music video.

VAW LOG is the most loving this film,
Of course, technology can not be called severe,
However, such a combination can be associated with the creative use of
The T-shirt with a dynamic pattern pedestrians,
And an interactive on This is the most Cock’s.

Especially when the first Justice DANCE.


by edbangerrecords

Look at them more creative, see myspace

Apple Computer 3D-liked display patent

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Remember how we play the game for the first-person view of the move? Yes, that is, through a mouse and keyboard, but when you see the items on the computer is always some troubles, Apple Computer a patent is to allow users of the future with the convenient mode of operation increases, so the idea out of this set of judgments response to the user location to the screen device.

When a user perspective of mobile (eg, lower left), in addition to 3D charts can change in perspective, when the operation window can also be staggered so that overlapping windows, the use of the above is the display devices such as webcam, infrared or some magnetic devices. Still do not understand how such a theory work? Better to look at this in order to achieve class 3d effect Wii device bar.